Finding The Best Foot Wear for Your Baby

Have you ever seen a babies foot before? They are the absolute cutest! They are pink and soft and oh so adorable. And because they are so soft and tender, they need ample warmth and protection.

So what does your baby need to wear on his or her footsies? Well there are several things that a baby needs. We have socks, shoes, booties and even sandals. Let’s find out more on baby footwear.

Giving TLC to Baby’s Feet

Baby feet are very sensitive. They do get cold and need warmth and attention. A lot of times, they need booties and socks to cover them even if you live in a warm place. When going out they also need to be covered for protection.

Baby feet also benefit a lot from massages. Light touches to the feet and legs helps your babies legs to grow strong. Putting baby oil and baby lotion would also prevent chafing and irritation. Just don’t forget never use anything that is not meant for babies since babies tend to reach their feet into their mouths.

Make sure that your little one’s feet is not wet before putting on a pair of socks to avoid fungal infection. Try to change the socks as often as you change your baby’s clothes as well. This is to keep those footsies clean all the time.

Baby Foot Wear

Baby foot wear is necessary in order for your young one’s feet to stay protected and clean. They also give support when your baby starts walking around. So choosing good feet items is essential.

1. Baby socks – Baby feet are sensitive so as much as possible choose items that are made of cotton. White socks are best because you can see if they do get dirty. If it is very cold knitted woolen socks can be a good option as well.

2. Booties – Booties are sock-like pieces of clothing. These are normally used for younger babies. They normally have paddings at the bottom to protect the bottom part of a baby’s foot even if they don’t wear shoes yet.

3. Sandals – When getting sandals, make sure that these are made of hypoallergenic materials. They should be attachable by a velcro tape rather than buckles because it makes easy to put on and remove. Make sure your baby’s feet are comfortable and does not get caught into the sandals.

4. Shoes – When finding baby shoes, it does not have to be to pricey but don’t be too cheap. Your baby will grow out of them so choosing one with a bit of space can help save you money. But remember not to choose something too big since your baby can end up tripping and falling down if the shoes are too ill fitted.

Shoes should have soft soles and attachable with velcro tapes. Getting shoes of darker color can help hide dirt but white shoes are good too. You will need at least two sets of shoes since your child can end up throwing up on them or making accidents on them so it pays to have an extra pair with you.

Great Footwear Ideas

If you have a baby, you’ll go through several pairs of foot wear. So here are a few ideas for those.

1. Frame the socks – Collect the old socks and line them up and put them in a frame. This can be a good way to recycle socks and then turn them into decor.

2. Donate the old shoes – Donating your child’s old shoes can help poor families to have good foot wear for their kids.

3. Use the old socks to make a pillow – You can use the old socks to stuff a pillow case and use it as travel pillow for your young one.

4. Don’t be afraid of hand-me-downs – If you have a relative who has a baby that has out grown his or her shoes and socks, don’t be afraid to ask for those. You can clean them well and reuse them. This can be a great way to save money.

Do Everything With Love

Just remember how much you love your baby when you are choosing foot wear for you child. You can ask people at the store, relatives and even forums on the internet on how to help you kid to have the best foot-life ever!